The school Tenshinsho-den Katori Shinto Ryu is the oldest martial tradition recognized in Japan. It is the source of many other martial traditions.

As such, this school has been designated Intangible Cultural Heritage in Japan in 1960.
Within this tradition, the various disciplines include:

  • iai-jutsu (art of drawing)
  • kenjutsu (fencing sword),
  • bojutsu (stick art)
  • naginata-jutsu (art of the halberd)
  • jujutsu (art of « flexibility »)
  • shuriken-jutsu (art of throwing blades)
  • sojutsu (art of the spear)
  • ninjutsu (art « medieval » intelligence)
  • senjutsu (strategy)
  • chikujo-jutsu (art of fortification).

This set of disciplines is complemented by the study of the following principles:

  • tenmonchiri (astrology and topography),
  • Inyo kigaku (principles yin and yang of Chinese philosophy)

in relation to their martial applications.

It appears, although it emerged during a troubled time (Muromachi period), the school has accepted women and non-samurai.

Today, the tradition of keppan is maintained within the school, which implies a genuine commitment of any new practitioner.

Only the holder of the title of Shidosha (Instructor) issued by Otake Shihan Risuke gives official permission to teach the techniques of the school.

Our group is attached to Jean Paul Blond, french Shidosha.